Rhapsody Developer's Guide

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Jesse Feiler

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Product Overview

This book provides a road map to Rhapsody technology and the ways it can be used. Based on a modern microkernel, Rhapsody runs on PowerPC and Intel processors, and supports traditional Mac OS applications (in the Blue Box) as well as modern applications in the Yellow Box. Totally object orientated, the Yellow Box platform offers an unparalleled development environment that permits rapid implementation of functionality ranging from traditional personal computer applications to media-rich, Internet-enabled, and database-driven applications for the next century.
This book describes the architecture of Rhapsody, including its cross-platform implementation on PowerPC and Intel. It details the Yellow Box platform (based on OpenStep) and provides a complete description of the core API, as well as description of the architecture that will be enriched in the future with additional functionality from Apple. The languages of Rhapsody are discussed, and the API is presented in a language-neutral way that will be convenient for C++ developers, classic and modern Objective-C users, and Java programmers. Throughout, there is an emphasis on how Rhapsody relates to existing investments in code and programming expertise. Screen shots and code samples from products shipping today using Rhapsody technology provide opportunities and challenges to new Rhapsody developers.

* Introduces the terminology and concepts of Rhapsody
* Provides an overview of the languages of Rhapsody: Objective-C, Java, and C++
* Covers the development platform in detail, providing an in-depth look at the framework that lets developers create Rhapsody applications


(No reviews yet) Write a Review