Rise of the New World Order 2: The Awakening

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J. Micah'el Thomas Hays
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As you know from my first book, the same occult group of people who have been ruling over humanity for thousands of years continue to do so to this day. The reason they have been able to do this and do it consistently is that they worship Satan, who is called the a??god of this worlda?? in the Bible. Satan was hidden for millenia in the mythologies of the day as the god 'Saturn' and I'm going to show you this??and??and other important matters in this second book of the a??Rise of the New World Ordera?? series.

It is always those who are closest to Satan that get to rule the world throughout history, just like it is today, and the torch has been passed down the Luciferian family bloodlines for millenniaa?|all the way back to King Nimrod, the founder of the Babylonian Mystery Religion.

It is important for the brethren to know everything we can about Satan because he is??the puppet master of the 'New World Order' that is unfolding behind the scenes as you read this.

Information in this book that I'm basing my position about Satan on comes from the Bible, extra-Biblical sources such as the Book of Enoch, and the historical record of the ancient mythologies of empires gone by. I'm going to show you how the Bible confirms the basis of what turned into all those ancient religions, which we call mythologies today.

This is probably the most revealing book ever composed about Satan, I have found none like it in existence or I wouldn't have taken the trouble to put it together. ??The deception we live under is absolutely astounding.....how the people who run the world have been able to twist our reality using the power of Satan himself.

Please read the book reviews for this thrilling new series of books??and you will see that I am creating a highly important series of books for you to not only read, but to make others aware of their??existence. The time for a mass-awakening of humanity is short and I need your help! I'm currently working on the third book??and expect to have it done and out in 2018.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your support. -Sentinel Jeff Hays


(No reviews yet) Write a Review