Rock the SAT: Trick Your Brain into Learning New Vocab While Listening to Slamming Music

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Michael Moshan;David Mendelsohn;Michael Shapiro

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a??Rock the SAT is not just a gimmick; it actually gets results.a??-Colin Mysliwiec, SAT tutor, NYC

a??If I had listened to Rock the SAT instead of Bon Jovi when I was in high school, I would've gotten into Harvard.a??-Joshua Neuman, editor-in-chief and publisher of Heeb magazine,

Wake Up and Smell the Music!

You have to take the SATs. There's no way out of it. (Seriously, we tried.)

So suck it up, and buy this book. Why? Because it's the fastest, easiest, coolest way to learn the vocabulary words you're going to see on the test. What makes it so easy? Music. (You like music, don't you?) 13 slamming tunes on one tricked-out CD with a study guide crammed with song lyrics, definitions, and twisted sentences featuring the vocab in action. Just pop it in your iPod or car stereo. Then kick back, listen, and learn. It's like studying but without the studying part. Buy it quick before the man shuts us down!

Pop quiz: Do you want to score major points? Do you want to kick butt on your verbals?

Then get ready toa?| Rock the SAT!

Yes, there will be a test.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review