Ronald Reagan: A Basic Introduction

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Lee Edwards
annotated edition

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It's easy to be overwhelmed by the hundreds of books about Ronald Reagan, but this short monograph stands out from the rest by providing a clear, accessible, and engaging Basic Introduction to the accomplishments of the President who defined an age.

Lee Edwards, Distinguished Fellow in Conservative Thought at The Heritage Foundation, explains how Reagan restored the confidence of the American people in themselves and in the future, how he set in motion the forces that produced the longest peacetime economic expansion in the 20th century, and how he won the Cold War without firing a shot, as Margaret Thatcher remarked.

Edwards emphasizes how Reagan was guided throughout his presidency by America's founding principles. Freedom was the unifying theme of Reagan's foreign and domestic agenda, and he set as his goals victory in the Cold War by defeating Communism abroad and rolling back big government at home.

A useful annotated bibliography of the essential books about Reagan's life and presidency is also included for those who want to read more.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review