Rules, Britannia: An Insider's Guide to Life in the United Kingdom

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Toni Summers Hargis

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How do you respond to a dinner invitation that says Eight for eight thirty ? What might induce you to get off a London train at a place called Mud Chute? When is it okay to drive over a sleeping policeman? And why do teh Brits keep saying Who's she, the cat's mother ?
Rules, Britannia is an invaluable resource for Americans who want to make a smooth transition when visiting or relocating to the UK. This entertaining and practical insider's guide contains scores of established do's and dont's that only a Brit would know.
Most of us know that an elevator is called a lifet, a toilet is a loo, and the trunk of your car is the boot, but who would have a clue about a sprog or a gobsmacked berk ? These phrases are part of daily conservation in the UK, and leave many visiting Americans as baffled as if they listening to a foreign language.
Covering such essential topics as vocabulary, house- or flat -hunting, business culture, child rearing, and even relationship etiqutte, Rules, Britannia will ease the anxiety that comes with a transatlantic move or extended visit, and is sure to make any old Yank feel like a regular Joe Bloggs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review