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Alice Munro

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In Alice Munros superb new collection, we find stories about women of all ages and circumstances, their lives made palpable by the subtlety and empathy of this incomparable writer.

The runaway of the title story is a young woman who, though she thinks she wants to, is incapable of leaving her husband. In Passion, a country girl emerging into the larger world via a job in a resort hotel discovers in a single moment of stunning insight the limits and lies of that mysterious emotion. Three stories are about a woman named Julietin the first, she escapes from teaching at a girls school into a wild and irresistible love match; in the second she returns with her child to the home of her parents, whose life and marriage she finally begins to examine; and in the last, her child, caught, she mistakenly thinks, in the grip of a religious cult, vanishes into an unexplained and profound silence. In the final story, Powers, a young woman with the ability to read the future sets off a chain of events that involves her husband-to-be and a friend in a lifelong pursuit of what such a gift really means, and who really has it.

Throughout this compelling collection, Alice Munros understanding of the people about whom she writes makes them as vivid as our own neighbors. Here are the infinite betrayals and surprises of lovebetween men and women, between friends, between parents and childrenthat are the stuff of all our lives. It is Alice Munros special gift to make these stories as vivid and real as our own.


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