Santa!: A Scanimation Picture Book

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Rufus Butler Seder

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Santa Claus is going to town! Marrying the magic of Scanimation with the universally beloved figure of Santa Claus, Santa! is a holiday book unlike any other.

It presents a Santa that readers have never seen beforeacrobatic, playful, a little mischievous, filled with joyful energy. Heres Santa hula-hooping. Santa juggling. Santa doing cartwheels and Santa on a unicycle. Children, as they did with Gallop!, will want to imitate Santas irresistibly happy motions. The grown-ups will be unable to stop smilingits hard to imagine a cooler character than this jolly St. Nick as he runs, spins, gyrates, backflips, and blows big bubbles.

Scanimation is the technology behind the instant New York Times best-selling series that started with Gallop!, to most recently The Wizard of Oz. Author and inventor Rufus Butler Seder continues to refine the Scanimations, with ever more smooth-flowing and detailed moving imagesperfectly applied, in this case, to the irresistible figure of Santa Claus.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review