School Improvement for the Next Generation: Book

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School improvement, in its current form, has been around for generations and is used in schools all over the globe. Unfortunately, such widespread use has not created widespread results, despite the work of talented, informed professionals. While this first generation of school improvement certainly established a foundation for change, authors Stephen White and Raymond L. Smith pursue the idea that a deeper, more focused school improvement process can achieve the improvement results schools have been working so hard for. School Improvement for the Next Generation addresses a few fundamental shifts in thinking and practice that will allow schools to move beyond the first generation of school improvement and achieve those ambitious goals that have been elusive thus far. Based around a modified planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation cycle, this resource explains step by step how each phase of the cycle can produce tangible achievement gains. The authors begin with a review of first-generation school improvement and then contrast that with what they see as next-generation school improvement; they also include successful, concrete examples from schools throughout the United States and Canada. Separate chapters are devoted to planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, leadership, and focus, each with specific strategies to uncover best practices and improve both learning and teaching. Additionally, a storyline is woven throughout that recounts the struggles and successes of fictional Kelly County High School as the teachers and administrators attempt to implement an improvement plan that actually works. School Improvement for the Next Generation provides readers with concrete steps to improve a process that has the potential to change the lives of both students and teachers. The theory of action is simple: make school improvement the most important work at each school and do everything necessary to make best practice common practice. With the guidance of White and Smith, successful school improvement is possible.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review