Second Half for the Man in the Mirror

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Patrick Morley

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Like a good coach at halftime, Morley helps men evaluate their past mistakes and provides the kind of practical insights, encouragement, and inspiration that will help them run to win the rest of the way--and reach their full potential in Christ. --Bill McCartney, founder & CEO, Promise Keepers Morleys analogy of the midlife lake is worth the price of the book. He asks the right questions and rightly predicts that your second half can be the most significant part of your life. --Bob Buford, author of HalftimeRefocus Your LifeThe first part of your life was like a river running swiftly within its banks. You were working hard to make your mark. You were intense. Focused.Then your river broadened into a lake. Now you find it hard to focus. Often, instead of feeling drive and purpose, you feel distracted--even insignificant.Patrick Morley shows how this season of perplexity can become a mans golden opportunity to reinvent himself for lifes second half. If this sounds like you--or someone you know and love--this book is exactly what youre looking for. Morley gives biblical insights, lived out in the crucible of his own life experience. This book will help you redefine your vision, your goals, and the heart that drives them. Second Wind for the Man in the Mirror will help you find a fresh sense of authenticity. Once again, youll feel your life regaining speed as the waters are gathered by the converging riverbanks just ahead.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review