Secret Keeper Girl Kit

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Dannah K. Gresh

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Before they hit the beach and flock to pool parties, teach your daughters about modesty, purity, and sexuality. The proven message of purity in Secret Keeper is now available for younger girls.The world seeks to empower women, but one of the greatest powers you can teach your daughter is the power of modesty. For girls 8-12 (and their mothers or small group leaders), Dannah Gresh brings the message of purity in a biblical, engaging and bonding way - CDs, diaries with stickers, and talking points! Pop the CD into the car system to hear greetings from Dannah Gresh and contemporary artist Rebecca St. James, and take off on a new adventure together. Moms will learn the key risk factors for girls, while Dannah's fun approach will appeal to young girls looking for a positive adult role model. Each chapter in the mom's book suggests a creative date where you treat yourselves to things like a facial, manicure, new outfit, tea party ... both mom and daughter will learn valuable lessons corresponding to each date.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review