Sex and the City : Kiss and Tell

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Amy Sohn

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Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell is the ultimate fan bible, offering a comprehensive behind the scenes guide to NYC and its most fabulous foursome - the friends and boyfriends, the bar rooms and bedrooms, the infatuations and fashions. Packed with information and photos not available anywhere else, it will fascinate and delight its readers with wholly original material from the show's stars, producers, costume designers, and more. It includes all-access passes to the sets; an insider's tour of the real bistros and boutiques where Carrie and friends sip, shop, and seduce; and never-aired outtakes from the series.Each of the show's major players are interviewed, offering revealing, intimate biographies and sharing the true life stories that inspire every episode. An elegant, beautiful edition with an exclusive introduction from Sarah Jessica Parker herself, this book is every bit as intoxicating as the pink Cosmopolitans sipped by Carrie and friends at Manhattan's chichest hot spots. This is a fully updated edition including episode guides for the final two series, with brand new and exlusive photographs and other most have mementos of this seminal show.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review