Shattered Legacy (Legacies)

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Lora Leigh

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Legacies - Shattered Legacy By Lora Leigh Book 1 in the Legacies series. The battle has been long and hard, the evil relentless, unending. And out of their hauntingly erotic dreams and into the lives of the battle-weary Shadow Warriors come four beautiful women sisters, not only of the flesh, but of the soul and the Earth. Her mistresses each possessed of a power and love to equal that of their warrior. But consuming passion, undying love and gifts of mystical power come at immense cost, and Fate and Destiny demand their price. Only one, Chantel, Keeper of the Earth Crystal, knows the true torments that await them and the decision she makes, the legacy she chooses, will impact them all for centuries to come. Deceit, treachery and dark forces propel the warriors and their wives into a vortex of events that will tear them asunder. Devlin, favored warrior of the gods, has found his heart and soul with Chantel. Time is running out, the growing evil he senses is coming closer. Evil that could shatter his life, and destroy that which he holds most dear Chantel. Note: Shattered Legacy is not a Happily Ever After . Rather it is the beginning, the history, of what is to come.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review