Simon's Saga for the SAT

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Philip Geer

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The newly revised second edition of Simons Saga for the SAT literally takes a novel approach to building students verbal skills as they prepare for their all-important college entrance test. Simon, a very cool college dude, tells college-bound kids his story as he shows his readers around campus. In the process, he helps students develop their vocabulary and overall verbal fluency, virtually guaranteeing them a great SAT score. Simon talks about making new friends on campus, meeting girls and dating, doing library research, writing term papers, partying, and lots more. As his story proceeds, new words for students to learn are printed in boldface typethe readers signal to check word definitions and correct usage. All boldface words appear with meanings and cross-references in a glossary at the back of the book. Brand-new in this edition are the updated exercises that conclude every chapter. All questions have been changed to reflect the question types that appear on the latest version of the SAT. Specifically, the new exercises present

  • More than 100 SAT-type Critical Reading questions
  • More than 300 SAT-type Sentence Completion questions
    Simons story about life on campus also familiarizes students with ideas and issues in history, science, and culture that often appear in SAT Critical Reading passages. Heres a practical and highly entertaining way for college-bound students to ace the very important Critical Reading section of the SAT.

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