Social Development in Childhood and Adolescence: A Contemporary Reader

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Product Overview

Edited by two leading scholars, Social Development in Childhood and Adolescence brings together the most significant classic and contemporary writings in this area to provide a comprehensive overview of this dynamicfield.

  • Provides all that is needed for teaching social development with the selection of key topics for a 13-week semester, an introductory chapter with an overview of the field and key questions, introductory text for each of 5 sections that contain 3 articles each for a total of 36 articles, with extra materials including discussion questions and classroom exercises
  • Covers key topics such as genetics, temperament, attachment, prosocial development, theory of mind, peer relationships, morality, identity, social withdrawal, aggression, exclusion, stereotyping, parenting, and culture.
  • Addresses issues related to culture, ethnicity, immigration, and diversity
  • Provides a historical, conceptual, and theoretical overview of social development in the introductory chapter
  • Includes introductory sections by the editors for each weekly topic which define key terms and highlights important conceptual issues
  • Integrates helpful pedagogical material throughout: feature boxes highlight current hot topics and real-world applications; end-of-chapter questions, debate topics, and in-class exercises facilitate student understanding and classroom discussion


(No reviews yet) Write a Review