Sooner Than You Think: A Prophetic Guide to the End Times

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Sid Roth;Perry Stone;Tom Horn;L.A. Marzulli;Paul McGuire;Mark Blitz;John Shorey

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Your Prophetic Handbook to End-Times Events!
In 2013, I had a dream that rocked my world. If you had asked me if I thought that Jesus was coming back in my lifetime, I would have said yesbut deep in my heart, I would not have been sure. But all that has changed. I was not even thinking about the Lords return when I had the most vivid dream. God spoke to me three times and said, I am coming back soon! I am coming back soon! I am coming back soon! What did this mean? It means exactly what He said.
Sid Roth

Sid Roth, host of Its Supernatural!, has gathered some of the leading experts and prophetic voices to take you on a powerful journey of upcoming events.

Each author shares a different part of the prophetic puzzle. By the time you finish reading this book, the pieces will come together and create a clear picture of Gods unfolding agenda for the end-times.

Discover how this pivotal moment in history is your great opportunity to be on guard against the enemys deception, experience Gods power like never before, and participate in the greatest revival in history!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review