Sort it Out!

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Barbara Mariconda

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Packy the Packrat s mother has had enough! It s time that he sorts through his ever-growing collection of trinkets and puts them away. Told in rhyme, the text leads the reader to participate in the sorting process by categorizing Packy s piles of things according to like characteristics and attributes. The reader response is worked into the rhyme, building a sense of anticipation. The illustrations include a humorous subplot about Packy s sister, who enjoys pilfering some of his things for her own enjoyment. Children will relate to the idea of having a collection of favorite objects and the satisfaction that comes from examining and admiring these collectibles. The story promotes and reinforces analogous thinking a critical thinking skill in math, science, and life. In the supplemental activity section at the back of the book, the reader can explore even more attributes and characteristics of objects, including color, size, texture, shape, and material. In addition, there are cross-curricular Teaching Activities available for free at Lexile Code: NP


(No reviews yet) Write a Review