Soul Love: Awakening Your Heart Centers (Sanaya Roman)

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Sanaya Roman

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Note: The printed and the revised eBook versions are very similar. The eBook has the addition of 9 illustrations and a new introduction which are not in the printed book. The processes are the same in both versions.

Soul Love teaches you how to link with your soul and open your heart in order to feel more love, self-love, and love for others. Making soul contact and awakening your heart centers can be one of the most important and transformative steps on your path of spiritual awakening that you will ever take.

In the first section of this book Orin, a timeless being of light and love channeled through Sanaya, presents a series of meditations to assist you in meeting and blending with your soul. You can learn to tap into its strength, presence, light, and will to assist you with daily living.

The second section of this book guides you through some of the most powerful and transformative processes Orin knows to aid you in loving as your soul. To do so you do not need to use your willpower to force yourself to act or feel more loving.

Instead, you can use an energy process that involves raising the energy from your solar plexus center into your heart center, then lifting the energy from your heart center into your head center, and finally sending the accumulated energy in your head center down to your solar plexus center, creating a triangle of light.

Combining this energy work with an understanding of why you are doing it can create a great shift in your ability to feel and express soul love. Personality love is based in the ego-mind and often creates suffering, pain, and discord. Soul love brings wisdom, clarity, understanding, harmony, compassion, tolerance, inclusiveness, freedom, and joy.

You can experience the serenity and oneness of soul love. You can transform negative energy, release power struggles, stay true to yourself, and radiate magnetic and unconditional love, drawing love and all good things to yourself. You can expand your will to love, and surrender those thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that stand in the way of love.

With soul love, you can expand your ability to love and forgive yourself and let go of guilt, regrets, or self-recrimination. You can learn to more easily release past pain, feelings that made you feel separate from others, or places within your heart that you closed off.

In Section 3 you will explore how to attract a soul mate and other important people into your life. You will learn how to work with others at a soul level. You can experience wonderful, harmonious, loving, and nurturing soul relationships that fulfill your higher purpose in being together. You can dissolve obstacles to love and discover new ways to love.

As you continue to work with these processes the quality of your life can change for the better. You no longer feel like a victim, because you know the power of your soul's love to change any circumstance for the better. Life becomes more flowing and easier. You feel more confident because you know that you are one with the source of all life and will always have all you need. There is a new rhythm of joy and lightness in your life.

In Section 4 you will expand your awareness of the higher realms, connecting with the Enlightened Ones, Masters, angels, guides, and all those who are assisting humanity and you to experience more light and love. You will learn how to radiate soul love to everyone you know, as you experience and express the universal presence of love.

Sanaya's books have been translated into over 24 languages, in over 2,000,000 books worldwide.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review