Sparkle: An Inspirational Handbook for Young Girls

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Kristal Barrett-Stuart;Kristin van Vloten
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HOW DO YOU DEVELOP A TALENT INTO A SUPER-POWER? HOW DO YOU START LOVING WHAT YOU SEE IN THE MIRROR? HOW DO YOU DESIGN A LIFESTYLE THAT SETS YOU UP FOR SUCCESS? If you are a girl struggling with self-doubt and insecurity, you are not alone. This book is packed with true stories, great ideas, and awesome strategies from women who once felt exactly like you doand learned to do something about it. Pick up this book if you want to: -Read raw, honest, and inspiring interviews with women like Jillian Harris, Tamara Taggart, Fiona Forbes, Erin Cebula, and Victoria Duffield about the struggles they faced when they were your age -Create habits that will bring you more happiness and success -Appreciate and care for the body you have -Develop your talents and enjoy sharing them with other people -Set amazing goals that you can achieve -Make your craziest dreams come true Partial proceeds from the sale of this book will fund bursaries for young girls who need financial assistance to pursue their dreams. Visit to learn more.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review