Spirit Hunger Workbook with DVD: Filling Our Deep Longing to Connect with God

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Gari Meacham

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In this six-session small group Bible study, Spirit Hunger, Gari Meacham peels back the layers of lesser loves we use to fill our true hunger for a relationship with God.

Its often tempting to stay safe with God. Do your prayers reflect the desire you have to communicate with God? Do you listen for God, or talk right over him? What would happen if you truly abandoned yourself to experience an adventure with God? Gari invites you to get gutsy with God. InSpirit Hunger, she journeys with you to the raw places of desiring God and discovering a faith-filled way of praying and believing the God we adore.

Spirit Hungerunwraps our hearts desire to engage God, even when we cover that desire with lesser loves.

Meacham writes, With the authenticity of my own life storiesmarriage to a professional baseball player, struggles with severe food bondage, and a father who was a quadriplegicI came to the crisp realization that my prayer life and the belief needed to match.Spirit Hungerprovides a clear path towards matching these heart criesleading away from crumbs and counterfeit, to a hungering for God.

Relatable and relative, Gari addresses the following topics in Spirit Hunger:

  • Longing and Numbing: Are these sighs of a hungry spirit?
  • Believing: Is our prayer life really a worry life?
  • Travailing and Shouldering: Do we understand how to pray with an intensity and intimacy?
  • Questioning: What about the outcomes we cant reason with or explain?

Sessions include:

  1. Hiding, Controlling, and Mocha Lattes
  2. Engaging God: From Longing to Prayer
  3. Whispers and Screams: How Do We Pray?
  4. The Guts to Believe
  5. Listening Postures
  6. Whos in Charge?

This pack contains one workbook and one DVD.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review