Stepping Into The Impossible: The Story of Healing on the Streets

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Mark Marx

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The beautiful and powerful story of how Healing on the Streets came to be, and how you too can partner with the Holy Spirit as He broods over your city, your town, your neighborhood the mission field right within your reach. Kathryn Scott, Worship Leader/Songwriter

Mark's message deserves to be heard. I defy you to read this book without shaking your head in amazement, without muttering 'Wow!' without hatching your own plans to step into the impossible wherever you live. Pete Greig, 247 Prayer & Alpha International

Wow! Buckle up and strap yourself in for an adventure ride filled with the highs and lows of a life surrendered to Jesus. Danielle Strickland, Speaker, Author

I can think of few Christians in this generation who have done more to equip the saints than Mark Marx. Stepping Into the Impossible shows what one man can achieve for the King and his Kingdom when filled with the Holy Spirit and taking God at his Word. Simon Ponsonby, Pastor Of Theology, St Aldates, Oxford


(No reviews yet) Write a Review