Still More Middle School Talksheets: 50 Creative Discussions for Your Youth Group

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David W. Rogers

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Walk into any middle school youth group and youll hear the same thingherds of students talking! But when youre tired of hearing them talk about things that make your head hurt (you know, the latest video game or their favorite song!), give them something worth talking about! The best-selling TalkSheets series just keeps going In Still More TalkSheets for Middle School Students, youll find 50 creative ways to get your youth group talking about things that matter. The one-page, reproducible handouts are compelling and thought provoking. Not only that, theyre easy for you to use: Youll find helpful hints and optional activities that can help facilitate great conversations. Inside the pages of this book, youll find topics that cover issues of life and faith. Your middle school students will be engaged with and thinking about topics like: Communicating with and hearing back from God Choosing to follow God rather than the crowd no matter what kind of peer pressure you might face Exploring what the New Testament has to say about when Jesus is coming back Being committed to intentional prayer And 46 more!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review