Succeeding with What You Have (Life-Changing Classics (Audio))

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Charles Schwab Jr

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CHARLES M. SCHWAB (1862-1939), who became president of Carnegie Steel at age 35, was Andrew Carnegie's right hand man and was also one-time president of U.S. Steel and Bethlehem Steel. This essay by one of the country's top millionaire businessmen shares his secrets of success. Schwab had a deep appreciation for the common, dedicated working man and he gave the power to succeed to any employee who was willing to pay the price. Schwab pointed out that he motivated his workers by appeal[ing] to the American spirit of conquest in my men, the spirit of doing things better than anyone has ever done them before. In that time it has been my good fortune to watch most of the present leaders rise from the ranks, ascend step by step to places of power. These men, I am convinced, are not natural prodigies. They won out by using normal brains to think beyond their manifest daily duty. Charles Schwab


(No reviews yet) Write a Review