Synago Signs at the Crossroads Leader

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Anne Broyles
Teacher ed.

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In Synago, Senior high youth find a place among friends who come together to worship and to learn. Each study in the series provides 16 sessions for student-led small groups and includes the necessary information for setting up and maintaining healthy cell groups. Student Journals should be used by all participants.
Small-Group Sessions:
Out of the Box (Expanding your images of God)
You Are the Temple (Respecting your body by mak ing healthy choices)
Who You Gonna Call? (Learning to trust God)
Silence of Gods Lambs (Finding God in Silence and Solitude)
People in Glass Houses (Cultivating a nonjudgmental spirit)
The Rock (Building your life on Jesus)
Humble Yourself (Finding the balance between positive self-esteem and cockiness)
Pie in the Sky? (Exploring the meaning of eternal life)
Learning to Live Faith (Finding and claiming your own faith in God)
Back to the Future (Setting realistic goals for your life)
Say What? (Being open to Gods call on your life)
United in Love (Belonging to a church community)
Down and Troubled
(Tapping Gods power when you feel down)
Living the God Life
(Following a recipe for a godly life)
Grumble, Grumble (Dealing with resentm ent in a healthy way)
Signs at the Crossroads (Making wise choices)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review