Teaching Reading in the 21st Century

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Michael F. Graves;Connie Juel;Bonnie Graves
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Informed by the latest research on topics ranging from phonemic awareness and phonics to teaching comprehension strategies, motivation, and assessment, this text provides the knowledge base, skills, and research-based strategies that you need to guide K-8 students successfully toward literacy for the 21st centuryusing reading and writing for thinking, problem solving, and communicating. Principal themes include balancing phonemic skills with more holistic approaches; fostering the love of reading; and successfully teaching all students to become able and eager readers.

  • Motivating Struggling Readers features provide real-life examples of research-based strategies in action that help make reading exciting for all learners.
  • Motivating Children with Technology features provide access to technological resources related to chapter concepts and explain why a technology-based approach can sometimes be more motivating for students than a traditional approach.
  • Differentiating Instruction for English Language Learners features provide guidance on how to successfully teach English language learners in a classroom of native speakers.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review