Technical Editing (4th Edition)

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Carolyn D. Rude

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This market-leading text has been thoroughly revised to reflect recent changes in technology, workplace practices and the global marketplace. The book progresses from concepts and basic copyediting to comprehensive editing, management and production issues. Coverage now includes a new chapter on client projects. Technical Editing takes a comprehensive approach to editing and defining editorial responsibility in terms of information design and the overall effectiveness of a document in helping readers understand and complete tasks. Expanding the concept of editing from a narrow focus on sentence-level revisions for correctness, this book encourages students to think about the effects of word choices, sentences, organization and design. Students learn that the measure of a good document is in part outside that document, in the document's match to the users' needs and the author's goals.The textbook with its supplementary Web site and instructor's manual offers a complete editing course, including materials for daily workshops and discussion and longer documents for graded assignments. In a password-protected portion of the Web site, instructors can also retrieve illustrations of edited versions as well as suggested responses to daily activities. Both focused and flexible, Technical Editing includes assignments carefully crafted to develop specific editing competencies and modular chapters that allow instructors to adapt the text to meet their own course goals and methods.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review