The 60-Minute Money Workout: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Finances into Shape

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Ellie Kay

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Financial transformation in just one hour a week!

You can revolutionize your finances in only sixty minutes! Looking for long-term economic stability and not common quick-fix schemes? Discover the secrets that Ellie Kay used to deliver her family from $40,000 in consumer debt. Now a nationally recognized financial expert and best-selling author, Ellie shares her one-hour-a-week program that has made it possible to take care of her family and do it all debt-free! With entertaining anecdotes, easy-to-follow charts, and practical advice, The 60-Minute Money Workout is both fun and feasible. Youll be able to:

> Get out of debt and save for your kids college
> Have meaningful and debt-free vacations
> Pay cash for your cars
> Make a difference in the world by giving generously
> Find financial peace with your spouse
> Be content with your current circumstances
> Latch onto hope for your financial future

In just one hour a week, youll be financially stronger and smarter. Revolutionize your quality of life with the Workout and youll never look back!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review