The Adventures of an IT Leader, Updated Edition with a New Preface by the Authors

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Robert D. Austin;Shannon O'Donnell;Richard L. Nolan

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What does it take to lead and manage your companya??s tech?

Becoming an effective IT leader and manager presents a host of challenges??from anticipating emerging technologies, to managing relationships with senior executives, vendors, and employees, to communicating with the board. A good IT leader must also be a strong business leader.

This book??now thoroughly updated with a new preface by the authors and current tech details and terminology??invites you to accompany new CIO Jim Barton as he steps up to leadership at his company. Youa??ll get a deeper understanding of the role of IT in your own organization as you see Jim struggle through a tough first year, handling (and fumbling) all kinds of management challenges. Although fictional, the scenarios are based on the authorsa?? long experience working with real-life companies across industries and sectors.

The Adventures of an IT Leader is both an insightful story and an instructive guidebook. You can read it from beginning to end or treat it as a series of cases, skipping around to different chapters that address your most pressing needs. (For example, if you need to learn about crisis management and security, read chapters 10??12.) You can also test yourself and think about how to use the booka??s lessons in your own company by reading the authorsa?? ??Reflectiona?? questions at the end of each chapter.

This book is your indispensable manual for IT management and leadership, no matter what business youa??re in.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review