The American Story: 100 True Tales from American History

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Jennifer Armstrong

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American history comes alive in these 100 true stories that define our country.

This magnificent treasury tells the story of America through 100 true tales. Some are tales of triumphthe midnight ride of Paul Revere, the Wright brothers taking to the air, Neil Armstrongs first steps on the moon. Some are tales of tragedythe fate of the Donner Party, the great fire in Chicago, the eruption of Mount Saint Helens.

There are stories of inventors and athletes and abolitionists and artists. Stories about struggling for freedomagain and again, in so many ways.

With full-color illustrations on nearly every page and short, exciting stories, this book is perfect for browsing by the entire family. Notes at the end of each story direct readers to related stories. And a guide to thematic story arcs offers readers (and teachers) an easy way to follow their particular interests throughout the book. A treasure trove of a book that belongs in every home!

This lively and engaging collection of stories recounting American history is a wonderful gift not only to the children of this country but also their parents. I cant wait to share it with my grandchildren. Tom Brokaw


(No reviews yet) Write a Review