The Big Bell and the Little Bell

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Martin Kalmanoff

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Read and sing along with the classic 1950s song!
The Big Bell and the Little Bellwith music and lyrics by Martin Kalmanoffbecame a family favorite when it was first released in 1954. It tells the tale of a King who has to decide which belllarge or small, loud or softhe wants to ring out on his wedding day.
Now, this beautiful gift package brings the musical fantasy to a whole new generation. Containing a stunningly illustrated book and an exclusive CD with both the original Julius La Rosa recording and a new version by the internationally famed London Crouch End Festival Chorus, it offers kids (and adults, too) a complete visual and auditory experience. Alastair Grahams fun, colorful, and delightfully detailed pictures capture a lavish court full of cats, dressed in bright medieval-style garb.
Small children will particularly appreciate the storys moral: that big isnt always better, and sometimes the little one wins the day!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review