The Burning Bush: Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy, and the Holy Scriptures:<BR>Terms & Phrases (Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy, and the Holy Scriptures. Term)

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Edward Reaugh Smith
1St Edition

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Even more significant for Christianity in the long run than the twentieth-century Dead Sea and Nag Hammadi discoveries is the growing North American awareness of Rudolf Steiner's works. Virtually unavailable until the end of the twentieth century, English translations from the German archives are gradually coming into print. Both Steiner and his works have thus far been virtually unknown in traditional theological circles.

No Bible commentary has yet reflected the remarkable spiritual insights of Anthroposophy. Now, ten years after first encountering a written comment about Rudolf Steiner, Ed Smith combines his own extensive traditional biblical knowledge with his years of concentrated study and reflection on hundreds of assembled works by Steiner. The result is the first Bible commentary in the light of anthroposophic insight.

This is the first volume of a series of Bible commentary by the author. It is based on the anthroposophic understanding given to humanity by Rudolf Steiner during the first quarter of the twentieth century. Bible commentaries have always reflected the general line of thinking of their authors. However, the dramatic newness of anthroposophic thought means that perhaps the usual method of using a Bible commentary is not appropriate here. A large part of The Burning Bush is necessarily devoted to laying an anthroposophic, or spiritual-scientific, groundwork. A major assumption indulged in most Bible commentariesthat one can go directly to portions dealing with given passages of scripture and understand what is being said about themdoes not fit.


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