The CHI Revolution: Harnessing the Healing Power of Your Life Force

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Bruce Frantzis

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Revolution is generally considered something external, explosive. In this book, Bruce Frantzis, renowned chi master and author, challenges readers to embark on an inner revolution to reclaim joy and happiness in life, reverse the effects of aging and release their stress and negative emotions.

Chi adepts can consciously feel and work with all the acupuncture meridians, internal organs and other structures in their own bodies. Yet these are skills that most Westerners would consider to be something out of science fiction and absolutely impossible to achieve in real life. Drawing on forty years of training in ancient Chinese practices, Frantzis provides readers with new and startling insights about how life-force energychican help them achieve enduring health and wellbeing. The smooth, balanced flow of your life-force energy is the single most important determinant to your health, vitality and happiness, he says.

Instead of the no pain, no gain, mantra of our over-caffeinated, stressed out culture, Frantzis gives readers energetic fitness exercises that comprise the unique Chi Rev Workout. These transformative exercises teach readers to activate and strengthen their chi and to relax their nervous systems. The more you relax, the more health, stamina and strength you will have, says Frantzis.

Frantzis reveals how once closely guarded and ancient secrets of chi are the power behind:
Spirituality, prayer and meditation.
Acupuncture and the potent self-healing methods of chi gung (qigong) and Taoist yoga.
Enhanced sexual vitality and intimate relationships.
Internal martial arts, such as tai chi.
Divination methods of the I Ching.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review