The Complete Personalized Promise Bible: Every Promise in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, Written Just for You (Personalized Promise Bible) ... Promise Bible) (Personalized Promise Bible)

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James Riddle

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The Bible is filled with over 1,800 promises from God to bless, encourage, and instruct us. Why would God give so many promises? He knew in this world, we would need them. But if you don t know what those promises are, you will not have a basis for your faith or a solid foundation to put your trust in. The Complete Personalized Promise Bibles take you through every single promise in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Each promise is recorded from various Bible translations and includes a personalized, Scripture-based declaration of faith. By studying these promises and praying them back to the Father God, you will establish your faith for those promises to be a part of your life. Perfect as a daily devotional, prayer guide, and biblical counseling reference, The Complete Personalized Promise Bibles can help you say out and live out the powerful promises God left you in His Word!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review