The Dynamics of Family Policy

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Alice K. Johnson Butterfield;Cynthia J. Rocha;William H. Butterfield

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The Dynamics of Family Policy is based on the idea that all policy will affect the institution of the family. The book outlines the current state of family trends, the diversity of family forms in the United States, and underlying relationships to race, gender, class, and sexual orientation. The authors cover the effects of social problems, and the policies designed to combat them, in major areas such as welfare, food, and housing; work and employment; health care; the care and support of children; family violence; domestic partnerships and marriage; and aging. The book includes theoretical frameworks for conceptualizing poverty, and outlines the policy practice roles that professionals play in developing, implementing, and monitoring family policy. The combination of real family histories and the analysis of government interventions in The Dynamics of Family Policy will enable students to identify and maximize their role as they begin their careers in the helping professions.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review