The Effective Corrections Manager: Correctional Supervision for the Future

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Bridget Gladwin;Charles R. McConnell

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Managing a correctional agency hinges on effectively recruiting, training, directing, and motivating people to provide a stable and safe correctional facility. Providing current information on the management and supervision of correctional facilities, this revised and updated Third Edition offers practical advice based on direct experience. Designed for upper-undergraduate criminal justice and sociology courses, readers will learn about relevant trends with regard to correctional institutions, as well as sentencing, judicial treatment and correctional management philosophies. This comprehensive text covers all the major management topics required for those entering corrections, including labor-management relations, legal issues, writing, effective delegation, coping with changing environments, and more.

The Effective Corrections Manager, Third Edition provides expanded coverage on supervision, report writing, and interpersonal relations. In terms of supervision the text includes expanded discussions on issues first time supervisors will encounter, building and maintaining morale, recognizing the need for training subordinates, and developing, implementing, and enforcing facility policies. This Third Edition stresses the importance of accurate report writing, including expanded coverage of strategies for writing incident reports, techniques for reviewing reports, and consequences for poor language and writing skills. Finally, it contains refined coverage of relationships between a supervisor and subordinates, recognizing and controlling potential conflicts between staff members, establishing appropriate positive relationships with inmates, motiving subordinates, and more.

New to the Third Edition:
Chapters have been combined and condensed to better fit curriculum and course schedule.
Provides expanded coverage on supervision, report writing, and interpersonal relations.

Instructor Resources include a Test Bank and PowerPoint Lecture Outlines.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review