The Emperor's New Clothes: An All-Star Illustrated Retelling of the Classic Fairy Tale

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Hans Christian Andersen
Book and CD

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Now available in a deluxe, affordable paperback and compact disc package comes the hip, hilarious retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's beloved fairy tale reimagined by an all-star cast. Each celebrity has created a character with a uniquely recognizable celebrity personality. And each character is lavishly illustrated by an acclaimed artist. The accompanying compact disc brings the story to life with music, sound effects, and all the humor and dramatic flair of the celebrity authors' finest performances-in a one-of-a-kind audio event for the entire family. And all this talent is for a unique charity-the Starbright Foundation. Royalties are donated to support this foundation dedicated to improving the lives of seriously ill children. The Starbright Foundation is working to change the face of childhood illness. By recognizing the link between a child's state of mind and the ability to recover from illness, Starbright creates products and programs that enable seriously ill children to confront the challenges they face every day. Starbright projects do more than educate or simply entertain, they address the core issues that accompany serious illness-the pain, fear, loneliness, and depression that can be as damaging as the sickness itself. The Starbright Foundation is best known for Starbright World, a private computer network connecting children from hospitals across the nation. Through this and other innovative combinations of technology, medicine, and entertainment, Starbright ensures that no child need sacrifice quality of life to an illness. For more information about the Starbright Foundation, please call (800) 315-2580 or visit the Starbright Web site at


(No reviews yet) Write a Review