The Gallaudet Childrena??s Dictionary of American Sign Language

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The Editors of Gallaudet University Press;Jean M. Gordon
Edition, DVD Features Every Si ed.

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Product Overview

* Featuring more than 1,000 ASL sign drawings
* All signs paired with charming color illustrations
* Introduction explains how to sign ASL and fingerspell
* Complete index of English terms for each sign, including synonyms
* Sample sentences using specific words to match every signa??s meaning

The Gallaudet Childrena??s Dictionary of American Sign Language presents more than 1,000 ASL sign drawings arranged alphabetically by English terms, plus delightful color illustrations for each sign. Also featuring English sentences for each sign, the Gallaudet Childrena??s Dictionary stands alone as the best, most entertaining ASL reference volume for deaf and hearing children alike.

?? ?? ??The Gallaudet Childrena??s Dictionary is a bilingual dictionary that serves a twofold purposea??to increase and improve deaf children's English vocabulary skills and to teach American Sign Language to hearing children. Research indicates that all children benefit from knowing more than one language, and they acquire the second language relatively quickly when they start learning it before the age of twelve. This dictionary will help deaf children make the connections between the signs they already know and the written English words that express the same concept. As a result, their reading vocabulary will grow, and they will gain an understanding of how English words can have different meanings. Hearing children will learn a new language and a new way to communicate.

?? ?? ??The introduction explains the history and culture of American Sign Language as well as how to sign and fingerspell. The accompanying DVD displays native ASL signers demonstrating how to form each sign plus 150 ASL sentences. For easier retention, signs can be watched in full speed or slow motion. The index listing all of the English vocabulary for each sign completes The Gallaudet Childrena??s Dictionary of American Sign Language as the new standard ASL reference for children, their parents, and their teachers.


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