The Gebusi: Lives Transformed in a Rainforest World Third Edition

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Bruce Knauft

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Written specifically for students, this ethnography provides an engaging, real-life account of the transition from a traditional to a modern culture. It uses vibrant, poignant stories and examples to connect developments among Gebusi to topics widely discussed in anthropology courses, including comparative aspect of subsistence, kinship, politics, religion, gender, ethnicity, nationalism, and applied anthropology. When first studied by Bruce Knauft, the Gebusi of Papua New Guinea conducted ritual dances and spirit sances, practiced alternative sexual customs, and endured a high rate of violence. By the late 1990s, Gebusi had converted to Christianity and actively pursued market activity, schooling, government programs, sports leagues, and disco music. By 2008, however, their public services and cash economy had deteriorated, and Gebusi relied increasingly, once again, on indigenous customs and practices. Some aspects of change, however, remained enduring. More recently, problems of economic hardship have persistedas has the resilience of Gebusi culture. This third edition of the The Gebusi has been updated and streamlined throughout and has new material as well as Broader Connections sections following each chapter.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review