The Humongous Book of Games for Children's Ministry

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Product Overview

Have big-time fun making key Bible points! In this whopping collection, you'll find just the right game for every lesson or ministry need. 220 games to super-size the Fun in Your Ministry! Always have a great big-fun game at your fingertips for any area of children's ministry, daycare or after-school programming! From creative children's workers comes this tried-and-true colossal collection!

Why just tell kids about David and Goliath and have them color a handout when you could play... Human Slingshot where kids link arms to make slings and launch paper rocks at a nine-foot high target (and then have a great discussion about the story)?
  • Inclusive games -- no one is left out, there are no losers, all players win -- learning friendship, teamwork, and the Bible point.
  • Games are arranged by three age groups: preschool, lower elementary, and upper elementary.
  • Preschool games for Esther are Who Will Lead? and The King's Sceptor , and for the topic, Following Jesus are Herding the Sheep , Come Along and Stop, Drop, and Follow .
  • Lower elementary groups can play Unseen Presence or The River Bend for the topic, Faith, or they might play Worry Whirl for the topic, School.
  • Upper elementary ages might play Outsmart the Crushers for the topic, Joy, and True-False Tag to reinforce a Truthfulness lesson.
  • Preparation is simple, with few, easy-to-find game props (Bible, crayons, paper plates or nothing at all). Imagination is the primary equipment!
  • Game plan includes follow-up discussion, questions for thought, or suggestion for Bible reading.
  • Every game features all-out wild fun, but also makes a key Bible point.
  • Energy level index and Scripture index for all games!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review