The Inner Wealth Initiative: The Nurtured Heart Approach for Education

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Howard Glasser;Tom Grove

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The Inner Wealth Initiative is about the Nurtured Heart Approach -- about creating relationships that energize and support success and positive choices. It has many applications, but this book is about its application in schools. Howard Glasser initially created the Nurtured Heart Approach for families in his therapy practice who were at wit's end trying to deal with their difficult children. He soon found that, when this approach was used to help difficult children succeed in the classroom, all the other children in the classroom flourished as well. This book was born from that realization and from co-author Tom Grove's work with teachers and administrators across the U.S. who have found that the Nurtured Heart Approach is the very best solution for leaving no child behind. No matter what subject or grade level you teach, in these pages you will find out why the right social curriculum is crucial for students to learn the academic curriculum; how most disciplinary methods are upside-down, encouraging poor choices by giving students more energy and relationship when they are doing wrong; and how to turn that upside-down equation right-side up. You will find out how you can instill inner wealth in students and guide them to ever-increasing levels of success with only a few minutes of intervention each school day. Amazing and sustained improvements with this approach are not the result of a better or different academic curriculum, nor more staff or more dollars. They are the result of a dramatically improved social curriculum -- a curriculum of inner wealth. This approach has expanded into schools, juvenile justice centers, Head Start centers, treatment programs, teen pregnancy programs, therapy offices, and happier homes around the world.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review