The Invisible World: Understanding Angels, Demons, and the Spiritual Realities That Surround Us

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Anthony DeStefano
First Edition

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Everybody has one. Its called a haunt detector. Its the little alarm that goes off in our heads whenever we detect that something mysterious or supernatural has occurred. You could be sitting around relaxing one day at home, and for no special reason you start thinking about someone. Maybe you havent thought about this person in years. Then the phone rings; you pick it up, and amazingly, its that person! Many of us have experienced this phenomenon.

What is it?

Anthony DeStefano answers this compelling question in his fascinating new book, The Invisible World. No matter how little we may understand or how fleeting such moments can be, he explains the reality of the spiritual dimension that surrounds us and shows how it is immediately accessible to everyone. All aspects of the spiritual realm are discussed, including the existence of angels and demons, the whereabouts of loved ones who have passed, and even the presence and activity of God in our lives. Written to be completely consistent with traditional Christian teaching, The Invisible World will help readers embrace a certitude that makes it easier to act according to their moral beliefs, give them a greater sense of the richness of life, and show them that no amount of suffering in their lifephysical, mental, or emotionalwill ever be able to destroy the profound sense of inner peace that can be experienced on a daily basis.

For those seeking reassurance about meaning in their life, nothing is more significant than to be reminded that no one is alone. In The Invisible World, Anthony DeStefano shows the truth of thisin a captivating and inspiring way.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review