The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Tough Questions, Direct Answers (Skeptic's Guide)

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Dale Hanson Bourke

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With all of the heat surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, even the most basic facts can be hard to grasp. How do we make sense of what we read in the Bibleand what we read in the news? In this Skeptics Guide, Dale Hanson Bourke sheds light on the places, terms, history, and current issues shaping this important region. Offering an even-handed presentation of a range of views on the most controversial issues, she provides a framework for American Christians to use in understanding why the conflict occurred, why it continuesand what remains to be done. With maps, charts, photos, and quotes, the guide answers such tough questions as:

  • What is meant by a two-state solution?
  • Who are the Palestinian Christians?
  • Do other countries help or hurt the peace process?
  • How does the Arab spring affect the conflict?
Easy to read and understand, this dynamic guide offers the type of presentation that has made the Skeptics Guide series so popular with individuals and groups. Offering basic information and simplifying complex issues, it is a helpful reference tool for beginners and experts alike.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review