The Jewish Approach to God: A Brief Introduction for Christians

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Rabbi Neil Gillman

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A window into the Jewish understanding of God throughout history and todaya??written especially for Christians.

In Jewish Scripturea??Christianity's foundationa??God's presence is everywhere: in nature, in history and in the range of human experience. Yet the Torah, Maimonides and 4,000 years of Jewish tradition all agree on one thing: that God is beyond any form of human comprehension. How, then can Judaism be so crowded with descriptions and images of God? And what can they mean to the ways Christians understand their own faith?

In this special book, Rabbi Neil Gillman guides you through these questions and the countless different ways the Jewish people have related to God, how each originated and what each may mean for you. Whether you are Christian, Muslim or even Jewish, this nuts-and-bolts introduction will both answer your questionsa??and stimulate new ones.

A theologian who writes as a great teacher, Gillman addresses the key concepts at the heart of Judaism's approach to God. From Ein Sof (Infinity) to Shekhinah (Presence), Gillman helps you understand what the search for knowing God itself says about Jewish tradition and how you can use the fundamentals of Judaism to strengthen, explore and deepen your own spiritual foundations.

  • God Is Echad (Unique)
  • God Is Power
  • God Is Person
  • God Is Nicea??Sometimes
  • God Is Not Nicea??Sometimes
  • God Can Change
  • God Creates
  • God Reveals
  • God Redeems


(No reviews yet) Write a Review