The Joy of Friendship: A celebration of life, laughter and lasting memories

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Lois Blyth

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Everyone needs friends. They are the walls of comfort that protect us from loneliness; they are the scaffolding that holds us up when we are reaching for greater heights; they are the mirrors that remind us who we truly are. They are there for us when life doesnt turn out quite as planned; and we are more than happy to be there for them too. Never have so many people had so many friends. In an instant we can tweet, follow, and befriend almost anyone, anywhere. But what does it take to be a true friend? What are the qualities of enduring friendship? How can you be a better friend to others, while also being true to yourself? The Joy of Friendship is a tribute to those who enrich our lives with their support, strength, and laughter. Filled with inspiring stories of friendship, and uplifting quotations, it celebrates the joys of being a friend, the changing nature of friendship, the power of sustained friendships, and the vital part that friends play throughout every stage of our lives.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review