The Judge: William P. Clark, Ronald Reagan's Top Hand

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Paul Kengor

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The most important biographical record of the Reagan years--from the Reagan governorship to the 40th President's period in the White House--had not been written, until now: it is the story of Ronald Reagan's indispensable man, confidant, and single most important advisor: William P. Clark, known to many as simply The Judge.

With his record, resum, and the respect he earned from so many quarters, why did Bill Clark never pen an autobiography? Why did he never write memoirs, even while less influential advisors advanced their stories in the 1980s, proclaiming theirs to be the authoritative insider's account of the Reagan presidency? Why did Clark not write that story as everyone--from top Reagan officials such as Cap Weinberger to authoritative Reagan biographers such as Lou Cannon--urged him to do?

Bill Clark's reluctance to promote himself stopped him from picking up pen and paper. Instead, at long last, he acquiesced to the writing of this biography. Paul Kengor did the convincing, and Pat Clark Doerner worked with Clark painstakingly to review the manuscript. Kengor and Doerner together wrote this fascinating account of one man's life, from a ranch house to the White House and then, again, back to the ranch--to what Ronald Reagan called the sunset of life .

Reagan biographers such as Edmund Morris and major publications like the New York Times Magazine and Time all agree: Bill Clark was Ronald Reagan's single most trusted aide, perhaps the most powerful national security advisor in American history. His close relationship with Reagan allows special insight into the President as well as other close friends from the earliest Reagan years: Lyn Nofziger, Cap Weinberger and Bill Casey. Also featured are the exquisite Clare Boothe Luce; the elegant Nancy Reagan; the mercurial Alexander Haig; Britain's Iron Lady , Margaret Thatcher; France's wily Franois Mitterrand, the saintly Pope John Paul II, and an anxious Saddam Hussein, among others.

With Reagan, Clark accomplished many things, but none more profound than the track they laid to undermine Soviet communism, to win the Cold War. As this book shows, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clark, two ranchers, a President and his top hand, truly changed history. At long last, over two decades after that significant accomplishment, Bill Clark shares the details of that extraordinary effort, many of which--as readers of this book will learn--have never before been reported.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review