The Logic of Perfection

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Charles Hartshorne

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In blunt outline the answer to the question, how do we rationally know God, is this: we find Him in all of our fundamental meanings, and if we try to purify them of involvement with deity we find that nothing unequivocal is left. All begins to dissolve in paradox. Unless we are forced to conceive God Himself in equally paradoxical termswhich might be called the question of philosophywe are bound to stand by our meanings, God and all.

This book, one of the handful of truly pathbreaking works in twentieth-century philosophical theology, presents Charles Hartshornes persuasive rehabilitation of Anselms Ontological Argument, recast in neoclassical form as the Modal Proof, along with applications of Hartshornes method to a variety of issues in contemporary metaphysical and religious thinking.

Charles Hartshorne authored many works, including A Natural Theology for Our Time and Anselms Discovery: A Re-examination of the Ontological Argument for Gods Existence.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review