The Magdalene Gospel

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Mary Ellen Ashcroft

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Jesus touched the lives of many women withcompassion, love, and forgiveness. However, the story ofthe women who followed Jesus goes almost unnoticedin the gospels. The MagdaleneGospel shatters the centuries of silence imposed onthese women. Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother ofJesus, and others devoted their lives to Jesus; theygave up everything for him, because he had giventhem everything. As Jesus gave his life for them,these women shared his pain at the foot of thecross, and risked their lives by caring for hiscrucified body. In the dark nights and gloomy daysbetween Jesus' death and his resurrection, MaryMagdalene and the other women tried to make sense oftheir Lord's tragic end. This is their story.The Magdalene Gospel tells the verypersonal, moving stories of how Jesus changed people'slives. Stricken with the unspeakable pain oflosing Jesus, Mary Magdalene and her friends grieve,cry, and care for one another. They emerge from thisdark hour by caring for others, as Jesus had caredfor them. Weakly, but then with increasingstrength, they give voice to the depth of their love ofJesus and their reasons for following him. Insharing their stories, Mary Magdalene and her sistermourners begin to shed the burden of grief. No otherbook allows women disciples to tell their ownstories. This fresh perspective, presented in acaptivatingly personal, yet very accessible style,enlivens the well-known story of Jesus. TheMagdalene Gospel is good news foreveryone.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review