The Magic Touch : A Jewish Approach to Relationships

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Gila Manolson

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The sense of touch is powerful: It can heal and it can hurt. It can make or break relationships. It can create a loving bond between partners, and if abused, can inflict lifelong wounds physically and emotionally. While all too often taken for granted, one thing is certain: It should never be taken lightly.

The Magic Touch explores the mystery and majesty of touch - leading up to, and within the context of marriage - all from a traditional Jewish perspective. Judaism embraces a holistic approach to physical intimacy and the marriage relationship, viewing the whole person body and soul while recognizing the essential differences between a man and woman s nature.

Here is a book that is upbeat, personal, entertaining and insightful, written with candor and humor, yet designed for men and women seeking clarity over confusion, motivation, meaning, and a spiritual dimension to their relationship.

The Magic Touch discusses the power of restraint, and how sexual self-control is the best form of marriage preparation, giving single adults the best chance to find true love.

In a culture that is all too often superficial, cynical, vulgar, and demeaning when it comes to relationships, this refreshing title taps into age-old wisdom to help you reclaim your individuality, your identity, dignity, self-worth, and sacred worth.

Noted author Gila Manolson is a teacher and popular lecturer. Her other important titles dealing with human relationships include Head to Heart,Outside Inside, and Choosing To Love.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review