The Mysteries of Isis: Her Worship & Magick (Llewellyn's World Religion & Magic Series)

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DeTraci Regula

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For 6,000 years, Isis has been worshipped in many forms all over the world. She has been known as the Queen of Heaven, Mother of Nature, Giver of Riches and Justice, Goddess of Love, Magic, and Healingand as a benevolent, universal goddess who helps anyone who calls on her.

Ms. Regula has been a Priestess of Isis with the Fellowship of Isis for over eighteen years, and is an ordained reverend with the Temple of Isis. Now she shares her decades of study, research, and worship so you can discover the inner secrets of Isis, that ancient goddess of the Sun and Moon, Stars and Earth. In fact, Isis is not just an Egyptian Goddess. Here you will see Isis in Her full glory as a universal goddess, present throughout history in all times and places.

The Mysteries of Isis is filled with practical information on all aspects of the modern worship of Isis. Your journey begins with a jubilant Isian rite at dawn and ends under the stars as the goddess' deepest mysteries are revealed to you. These chapters encompass many exercises, rituals, magic, prayers, and more to help you forge a unique personal alliance with Isis. With this book you can:

- Dedicate your own temple, altar and shrine to Isis
- Learn the previously secret divination technique of the sacred scarabs
- Celebrate the special festivals of the Isian calendar
- Perform purification and healing rites and spiritual cleansings from the Isian tradition
- Create your own ritual tools, including amulets and sistrums
- Become an initiate of the four key mysteries of Isis
- Draw love to you with modern, ethical, uniquely Isian spells

When you take Isis as your personal goddess, your worship and connection with the Divine will be immeasurably enriched. Find out how this goddess can transform your life with The Mysteries of Isis.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review