The Pharaoh: Life at Court and On Campaign

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Garry J. Shaw

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A highly illustrated look at what it was like to be the pharaoh of Egypt, revealed through the kings role as husband, lawmaker, judge, priest, builder, and warrior

The pharaoh is the iconic ruler from the ancient world, immortalized in stone and gold and celebrated today in countless films and books. But how did these monarchsmortals who lived and died like anyone elsespend their days? How did they become pharaoh? How did they govern and how were they entertained? In this vividly written and authoritative account, Garry Shaw conveys the full experience of what it was like to be pharaoh, from birth to death, in private and in public, at court and on campaign, and shows how a uniquely Egyptian vision of kingship, with its complex ideology and regalia, evolved. We follow daily events, from waking up in the palace to evenings spent banqueting; in between, the king acted as lawmaker, judge, and priest. The most important ceremonies are compellingly described, including accession, coronation, and the royal funeral, as well as the pomp and protocol of an audience before the monarch. Supplemented by numerous box features, from the internal decoration of pyramids and the women who became pharaoh to pharaonic pets, as well as quotations from contemporary sources and a king list with brief biographies of all the major pharaohs, this beautifully illustrated volume provides a comprehensive insight into the Egyptian pharaoh and his world. 234 illustrations, 172 in color


(No reviews yet) Write a Review