The Power of Emotion: Using Your Emotional Energy to Transform Your Life

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Michael Sky
Original ed.

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An original model of the nature and workings of emotions.

Shows how to both unleash and harness the power of emotions to promote physical health, mental clarity, creativity, and more satisfying relationships.

Offers easy-to-follow breathing exercises that allow readers to tap into their reservoirs of vital energy to accomplish their goals.

By the author of Breathing: Expanding Your Power and Energy (25,000 sold).

Emotions are the link between body, mind, spirit, and all our relationships, yet as Westerners we have been trained from our earliest years to repress our emotions. In our society, those who appear the least passionate are seen as strong, confident, and mature. In our desire to attain this goal, we often suppress our deepest emotions, eventually causing a blockage of energy that leaves us numb and unable to access our authentic feelings.

Michael Sky explains that emotions are the vital energy source inside each of us that we can harness and direct in a positive way to promote better physical health, mental clarity, creativity, and more satisfying relationships. He details four simple but potent tools to aid in the productive channeling of powerful emotional energy: active acceptance; dynamic relaxation; conscious, connected breathing; and creative choice. Taken together these tools create a lifestyle that frees suppressed emotional energies and allows for empowered responses. With meditative breathing practices at the end of each chapter and inspirational passages from the teachings of Adi Da, readers will learn to positively experience and develop their emotions while enhancing their creativity and productivity to accomplish their goals.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review